Spotlight (2015)

Just finished Spotlight. Powerful movie….difficult subject. The movie itself reminded me a lot of All The Presidents Men. If you liked that you will like this. High level acting from everyone. If there was a problem with the story is that the scope was large enough that it was hard keeping track of everyone involved. I needed a score card, or to keep notes. I got the idea though so that’s enough. You can watch this with The Big Short to see how much rage you can amass. Both acting and cinematography went with a less is more approach. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t effort, quite the opposite. There were few “I want the truth” moments, but there were plenty of “That’s the nicest threat to my life I’ve ever received”scenes, which we powerful. While this wont be confused with The Revenant, there were subtle things done with the camera to tell a story, from slowly adjusting an angle to placement to things in the background. Overall I think it’s a 9/10. I would recommend it. Much like Trainspotting, I will never watch it again.

9 out of 10 stars (9 / 10)

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