Bridge of Spies (2015)

Finished Bridge of Spies, nominated for Best Picture. Solid story based on true events. About the trade that brought back Gary Powers the pilot shot down over the Soviet Union. Tom Hanks stars in this “Based on true events” story and he is his usual good self. I get why Mark Rylance was nominated for Best Supporting Actor dude was good. It’s fine that this movie was nominated for Best Picture, though it shouldn’t win. I do find it curious why this movie was nominated but others, such as Ex Machina and Inside Out, were not. If this were to win it wouldn’t be as bad as when Chicago won because voters wanted to be ironic or whatever. I think this is a solid 8 out of 10. If you like historical dramas and people not saying what they really mean you will like this. If you want to see anyone move faster than say a brisk walk, you will be disappointed.

8 out of 10 stars (8 / 10)

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