Episode 57 – Atomic Blonde

Ed gives this movie a 7. I give it an 8. We both enjoyed it.

Ed’s Review:

Couple of things to start out. First, this is a period piece, it is set in Berlin around the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall. I did not know that going in. Second, the sound track is phenomenal. Not only was our group talking about how good it was, other people heard us talking and said the same thing. So if you like 80’s music even just a little, you will love the sound track. On to the movie. The fight scenes in this movie are about a brutal asĀ they come. Hyper-realistic. You stab a professional killer trying to kill you, and he will just want to kill you more. He will be slower and bleeding, but he will still be trying to kill you. The story is told in flash backs and at times make you wonder if that’s what really happened. They really like to film Theron walking so get used to seeing her walk a lot. There are a number of one shots, or at least fake one shots in the movie that are cool. There is a John Wick feel to the movie, but only if there was less action and more walking. Please don’t be like the bad parents in the theater and bring your very bored 5 year old. The movie isn’t mindless and has enough action and story to be worth seeing. Overall I enjoyed it, even with the slow parts. a very high 7/10.