72 – Oscar Roundup

Darkest Hour –

Ed’s Review: Darkest Hour is about Churchill during the time he was installed as Prime Minister and the successful evacuation from Dunkirk. Odd that this came out the same year as Dunkirk. They are companion films. Darkest Hour is notable for the performance of Gary Oldman, the best actor to not have an Oscar. Oldman should get that first Oscar this year. I was impressed with most of the other actors. The cinematography was nice as well as the acting. The costume design and lighting seemed good too. Why haven’t I said anything about the story? Oh…that. It felt like they printed out a section of the Wikipedia page about that time and told everyone to do this. It was a step above a dramatic reenactment. It’s the first best picture movie I saw that I wondered why it was nominated. I seriously wonder if some voted for this thinking it was Dunkirk. I,Toyna, Blade Runner 2049 and Logan were all better films, just to name a few. The cast should get an award for acting this 5 up to an 7/10.

Call Me By Your Name –

Ed’s Review: Nominated for best picture as well as other awards. About the relationship of an American and the son of the professor he is working with in Italy for the summer. Wait you mean relationship relationship? Yep, in all other ways it’s a classic love story. The acting is amazing. It’s set in northern Italy so the setting is almost distracting beautiful. it’s a period piece, 1983, so the music and dress are from that era. The story is a super slow burn so it takes it’s time getting to where they are going, but so do the characters in the story, so I guess that’s the point. The theater I saw it in had a group of women in the row in front of my who weren’t as comfortable with that kind of intimacy as they thought, so there was some nervous talking. So it’s a warning to you, be prepared for your own reaction and for those around you. There is still story going on during the end credits, so don’t leave. it’s a flawed movie and tried really hard to get a lower grade but I’m glad I watched it and give it a 9/10.

The Florida Project – Review pending 7/10

Phantom Thread – Back in the 90’s I started watching every film nominated for Best Picture. After all how can you be upset that a picture won if you didn’t see it? Because of this I have been exposed to movies that I would have never watched but ended up loving. Elizabeth was one of the first ones. The Hours is another that comes to mind. For the most of them I was glad that I watched them. In all that time only one movie was nominated that I hated. That movie was Chicago. The fact it won made me quit doing this for a couple years. I returned and again I am glad that I have been able to watch movies I would haven’t watched but ended up liking with only one bad one haunting me. Until tonight. As much I as hated, and I mean hated, Chicago I would much prefer re-watching that than ever being forced to watch Phantom Thread. My original review was going to be the word “pretentious” repeated 25 times. Save for one moment in the movie you could safely go to the bathroom at any point in the movie. I mean any point. It’s Beautiful to look at. The Costumes were fantastic. The supporting cast was fantastic. Wait isn’t this the Darkest Hour review? That story at least had someone you cared about. If Phantom Thread ended with tragic fire that killed every character, at least I would know the story was over. Because of how good all the technical stuff was. 4/10


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